Social capital: why it’s worth your time to build it

Even though it is a relatively old term, social capital has found new meaning in recent times.

Social capital is the value behind social networks, bringing to its members the benefits of loyalty, trust and reciprocal behaviors, which create significant value for network members.

In the new world order, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram have opened up new, global channels for forming social connections. Each of them contribute to building your social capital, when done right.

What can social capital do for you? Here are my top 5 reasons for building your own social capital for professional reasons.

Be discovered
These are the days of inbound marketing, where people find you instead of you shouting out your value proposition from rooftops. Having a thriving presence on social platforms is your ticket to potential leads from other business partners, recruiters, clients etc.

Build relationships
Building relationships for businesses has always been crucial; the challenge is to keep it meaningful and mutually beneficial.

Get Recommended
Platforms like LinkedIn have made it immensely easy to ask for recommendations from the right people, either for hiring, interviews, learning about roles, job availability or simply as social proof of your expertise on your profile.

Build your brand
A solid social capital allows you to build your own professional brand. Sharing useful and relevant information serves a purpose beyond just self-expression; it also helps you to build your brand. You can create content that is informative, educational, though-provoking, informing etc – they all add value to your network.

Build expertise
For better or worse, the pace of change in technology and business is ominous nowadays. One way to stay on top of your game is connect with thought leaders on social media and engage in conversations happening around hot topics around the world. This will help you to build your expertise over time in your field of work.



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